21st-27th May, 2017….the week in pictures

Scorching days,  birds, birds and more birds including interesting bird behaviour, insect-eating plants  and a pony are amongst this week’s highlights in Unforgettabubble. Here is the week 21st -27th May, 2017 in pictures.

***WARNING*** there is spider imagery in this blog post. If you cannot bear even the thought of a spider then I’ll give you a warning before the last image. I promise!




A visit to RSPB Blacktoft Sands turns out to be a hot one! It was just as hot in the hides as out.



Whilst I’m envious of Little Egrets cooling their feet in the water, they continue to  hunt….


….scratch mid air and fly….



…whilst another takes the huff and storms off!




An Avocet does a fly-by,



…as do the Marsh Harriers



Back on dry land, a Magpie collects creatures from blades of grass,





a Sedge Warbler pauses for breath for a moment after seemingly singing all morning



…and one of the reserve ponies looks through the heat haze, across the fields towards a wind turbine.




Meanwhile back near Bubble HQ, a Song Thrush provides for the family….



…whereas the House martins are part way through building a new home with beaks full of mud



What this Blackcap is doing, I have no idea as it passes back and forth through a massive spider’s web (not the warning, no spiders seen here!) covering himself in web. Fly catching or silk collecting for nest material? Let me know your thoughts.


At the pond at Ellers Wood & Sand Dale on the edge of Dalby Forest, red and blue damselflies are flitting over the pond and marshy areas including one (below left) munching breakfast

I think that I’ll be lucky to find one Butterwort plant but end up finding hundreds 



And finally, here’s your spider warning but they are quite cute…..



Spiderlings scurry about in a web on the gate leading out of Dalby Forest







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