Record Nature

This section is all about recording nature. I am a wildlife partner of the Forestry Commission and of the North York Moors and regularly submit sightings around my local patch from flowers to birds and everything in-between. I’m often seen in the garden at Bubble HQ and beyond with a moth trap, a bright light, a moth net and moth identification books. The records are submitted at the end of the year to the county recorder. You’ll find many of my monthly moth recording reports here in ‘What’s in the Moth Box?’



Hi, I’m Nicky - blogger, writer and photographer forever feeding a nature obsession.

I’m a forest dweller who can mostly be found topping up the feeders in my garden bird feeding station, lying prone identifying cliff-top wildflowers or performing night-time shenanigans with a net trying to identify moths but, above all, I’m never ever to be found without a camera or my too-curious-by-far labradoodle cross (crossed with what we're not sure!), Bess.

This blog is a place where I can share the enjoyment of sunrises and sunsets, mountains, meadows and marshes, seashores and skies, woods and wildlife. It’s also about lifestyle, issues, news, art, literature, music, events…if it has a nature theme then why not?

I live, write and record nature.

Welcome to Nicky by Nature.