25th June – 15th July, 2017….in pictures


An abundance of Butterflies, an uncommon moth, new signposts, baby birds and a sunbathing bunny are amongst this week’s highlights in Unforgettabubble. In fact, you may have noticed that there have been no ‘the week in pics’ posts lately (apologies) so this one covers the last three weeks. Here is 25th June – 15th July, 2017 in pictures.


It’s a glorious day for the Ryedale Book Festival’s visit to Scampston Hall near Malton where the walled garden is filled with colour.



Meanwhile, at Bubble HQ, a young Greater-spotted Woodpecker tucks in…  



…and the blackbird youngsters explore.


This one seems a little confused as to what to do with the suet bits. Anyone for a cigarette?



The wrens seem to have had a good year. This one (one of many) lurks in the undergrowth keeping well out of harm’s way.



The varying parents, like the Siskins, Jay, Chaffinch and Wood Pigeon, carry on feeding more broods, some looking a little worse for wear especially after the torrential rain.






After a couple of days of solid rain, the umbellifers are a bit bedraggled, crowding together opposite the visitor centre in Dalby Forest. They are teeming with insects, moths huddle under the stems and young wrens use the stalks to practice their balancing skills.


The rain brings out the snails too.


Dalby also gets some great new signposts like this one by the ‘Green Man’ carving at the entrance to the visitor centre. Pity there isn’t a sign to Bubble HQ!




During a break in the clouds, I dash up to Ellerburn Bank meadow to see if I can see any marbled white butterflies . There are plenty….




…and the meadow is blooming.

I spend some time trying to find out which St. John’s Wort this is and decide that it’s Hairy St. John’s Wort.



Butterflies are everywhere. I lose count of the Ringlets and Meadow Browns which are always on the go and the Small and Large Skippers that seem to love clover and Lady’s Bedstraw. Red Admirals are nearly squished on the path, a Small Tortoiseshell prefers the wall….






….whilst Speckled Woods hug the bracken.



The weekend weather is bright and sunny. The forest is busy but I find peace and quiet at Seivedale Fen. It’s hard to believe that this view overlooks the visitor centre, playground, carpark and Go Ape!



I watch the meadow brown butterflies…


…moths such as this Silver Y…


and admire the colony of Marsh Helleborines that are now flowering.




The weather stays dry, warm and bright for the Dalby Forest Discovery Day. I catch up with Butterfly Conservation, learn about bats and get to see birds of prey up close.  




After a couple of overcast, dull days the sun brings out a number of Dark Green Fritillary butterflies along the verges at the top of Swair Dale and Newclose Rigg in Dalby Forest.



I also find a moth that isn’t common around here. The Blackneck.



Warblers and Whitethroats flit in and out of the shrubbery with these ones standing still for just a second for me to get a good look.




Meanwhile, nearby, in Sutherbruff Quarry, Six-spot Burnet moths seem to be on every flower…


…and fresh marbled whites, like this newly emerged one, join in.




There seems to be every shade of pink in flower including Common Spotted Orchid, Common Cantaury, a variety of Scabious and Musk Mallow.




At the end of the day, I make my way back to Swair Dale. Sunsets aren’t usual in the depths of Dalby Forest due to the trees so I’m very pleased to see this one across Newclose Rigg. As the sun goes down and I make my way back to Bubble HQ, Nightjars begin to churr and evade every opportunity to photograph them!




Finally, I catch this bunny having a stretch out at Bubble HQ, sunbathing in the garden between rain showers.  No doubt with a full belly having eaten our cabbages!





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