A week in the Bubble – in pictures

A hungry Blackbird and a curious Great Spotted Woodpecker, the first Lesser Stitchwort, playing shadows with the dog and a badger falling off a log are amongst this week’s highlights in Unforgettabubble. Here is the week 9th – 15th April, 2017 in pictures…..



Sunrays cut through the base of the forest whereas, further up the tree canopy, it’s getting greener




Playing shadows with the dog in the sunshine on Sneverdale Rigg, Dalby Forest. She did a very good impression of the Loch Ness Monster!









The sun brings out the frogs which are covered in little critters.


The bees beginning to get busy on the blackcurrant bushes in the garden….

…..and on the fritillaries.


A few firsts of the year…

Lesser Stitchwort appears on the Hallowe’en Walk, Dalby Forest as does Field Forget-me-Not



A green-veined White butterfly refuses to sit still for photos on a Dandelion


A Purple Thorn moth comes to the light overnight then gives me the evil eye

Raptor Viewpoint, Wykeham Forest results in 3 Common Buzzards and some bubbling clouds

The sun highlights gorse bushes in the valley below Wykeham Forest



I love a bit of animal behaviour. Blackbird has a scratch, goes in deep, eyes up a worm then eats it!


And a Great Spotted Woodpecker pops his head around the wood shed to say ‘hello’.



Meanwhile, the trail cam catches a badger. This foraging lark is like, well, erm…like falling off a log!









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